3 benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your Suffolk garden wedding

3 benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your garden wedding

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For many of the couples I work with, they have chosen to leave the city and come back to their home county of Suffolk for their wedding celebrations.  Suffolk is such a great choice for any wedding, but in particular, it makes a wonderful way to celebrate where you grew up and it allows you to create further fond memories of this truly delightful county.

For many of these couples, their parents still live in the county and therefore are planning to use their private residence as the main venue for their wedding.  Also perhaps choosing the local church for the ceremony.

In these circumstances, the couple often does not have the convenience of a wedding coordinator, which they may have had when booking a commercial wedding venue and so it is why that in these circumstances, I always recommend the services of a dedicated Wedding Planner.

At first glance, you may well think "It's ok, its going to be a really relaxed wedding, we do not need any helping us, we can just do it all ourselves.  But from working at many weddings such as this, I'd like to share my top 3 reasons why you may wish to consider connecting with a wedding planner team, ahead of your private residence wedding:

1. To connect with and coordinate the right suppliers for your wedding

A great wedding planner will be able to discuss your aspirations for your wedding day and then present you with a collection of amazing wedding suppliers who would be a great fit for your wedding.  Maybe a caterer with a speciality of location garden weddings, maybe a DJ who offers a fantastic cocktail DJ service, in the open air.  They'll be sure to help set up some meetings with some truly great suppliers, who you may never have previously thought of!

As well as finding the right suppliers, a great Wedding Planner will then be able to coordinate those suppliers both in the run-up to and on the day itself.  When you have an extensive list of wedding suppliers involved on your wedding day, it can often be a headache to coordinate them yourselves.  Ensuring that they have all the relevant information ahead of time and can then be welcomed and set up on the day itself.  As you don't want to be doing that yourself on the day of the wedding, right?

2. To keep you within budget

One of the things I often hear from couples after the wedding is "Yeah, we went quite a bit over our budget".  It's really common and usually comes in the form of all the little personal touches and extras that come along after the main investments.  From sitting down with a wedding planner ahead of time, you will be able to set a budget for the wedding day and then you have someone keeping track of things throughout your planning journey.  Often, they may well be able to come up with ideas for alternative products and services that may well reduce extra spending! bonus!

3. To create and carry out a plan of action for the day

It's fine wanting to have a really relaxed vibe on your wedding day, but the secret that you may not know is that those weddings that have a really relaxed vibe...they have a great planner or co-ordinator behind them! From directing guests from the ceremony to the reception, to inviting guests to an alternate area when the weather is not on your side, to helping a family member find a place for their pushchair during the ceremony, there are so many ways that a wedding planning team can really enhance your experience.

The aim is to have a well-oiled wedding machine in the background, so that you and your guests have a really relaxed and enjoyable experience, oblivious to the fact of everything that is going on behind the scenes.

So there you have it! To be honest, there are so many more advantages than those three listed above. I could go on all day! But I just wanted to give you some initial food for thought. 

I'd recommend reaching out to one of the amazing Suffolk Weddings Planners we have in this region, such as my good friends Caroline & Tori over at 'The Wedding Planners'.  Many will offer a no-obligation initial meeting, just to learn more about your wedding and then share how they feel that could be of service.  Happy planning!


P.S - If you have any particular wedding planning questions, I'd love to hear from you.  I invite you to get in touch here today.