3 great ways to entertain your wedding guests during the drinks reception (the third is one you may not have thought of!)


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One of the things I've found when I talk to couples in the planning stages of their wedding is that they really want to make the experience for their guests a really personal and memorable one. 

When planning out your timeline, you will sometimes find that there are moments in the day where either you as a couple may be required to be in certain places, away from your guests, such as for photographs or where the whole wedding party will be spending time in a certain part of the venue whilst rooms are being turned around or prepared for the next chapter of the day.

In these types of situations, many couples like to arrange some kind of entertainment for their guests so that there is something to enjoy as the next stage of the wedding is being prepared. 

When thinking of what kind of entertainment to put on, you may well have ideas of certain vendors who would be a great fit for both the style and personality of your wedding, but if not, I just wanted to share 3 ideas, which in experience have always worked really well at the weddings I've attended:

1. Musicians & DJs

There's nothing that sets a chilled mood at a gorgeous summer wedding than some laid-back tunes on the lawn.  With many choices in this area, such as stylish cocktail DJing, pictured here by the awesome Dreamwave Events or even inviting live musicians to the party, shown above by way of the amazing Sax Walker, you can really create a personalised experience by suggesting all your favourite tunes, as well as those requests from your guests.


2. Magicians & Illusionists

A really fun way to get your family and friends interacting with each other is to arrange a little bit of magic.  Who doesn't love magic, right?!  Whilst being a great way to keep the kids enthralled, as they sit open-mouthed in amazement, magic has a real way of taking the adults back to their own childhood too.  With many niches out there from stage hypnotists to full on illusionists, there really is something for every event.

3. Fun Wedding Guest Activities

Yes, you did read that right! What is more personal than getting all those you love the most involved in a fun activity during the drinks reception.  Maybe its something as simple as a quiz they could do, with questions all about you as a couple? Maybe its a picture game where ababy photos of key family members are displayed around the reception, for everyone to guess, or for the more active crowd, why not arrange some fun garden games on the lawn? This can usually be arranged by your venue, planner, or even yourselves, should you want to source them independantly.

Whatever you choose, creating some interaction between your guests can be a really great way to enhance your guest's experience, whilst creating the opportunity for some really great, fun photos that you'll be able to enjoy for many years to come.


P.S - I'd love to hear about all the fun entertainment you have planned for your own wedding.  Why not leave a comment below!