3 reasons why you need to be in photos with your kids (number 3 might surprise you)


Suffolk Family Photography

I often get asked to run portrait sessions for just the kids within a family. They’re often specifically requested by the parents and they’re really great fun. But that's not the type of session I'm talking about today.  I'm talking about the times when 'everyone' turns up for the session and clearly, there's been a lot of thought put into the location, what everyone is wearing and as far as I can tell we're good to go, in including the whole family in the session.

But as we prepare to get started, one of the parents turn to me and says:

"Can you just get some of the kids, please? Don't worry about me. It's more about them, today and besides, I look a mess."

And I totally get it, as a parent myself.  When we book a family portrait session, often our goal, the thing we long for the most, is a collection of beautiful photographs of our gorgeous children to hang proudly in the home. And as adults, we've lived a little longer to have picked up a few insecurities, which could leave us just not wanting to bother to be in the photos.  I completely understand.  I have little things I'm not keen on, when I see myself from certain angles. It's natural to feel like this.

But today, I'd love to share 3 reasons why I believe you should maybe consider being in some of the photos with your kids.  Of course, this doesn't have to be all the time, as time and circumstances do not always allow, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on why you should perhaps put some time aside for photos with all the family, together:

1. Preserve your family legacy..that means ALL OF YOU!

Picture yourself in 20 years time.  You're all gathered in the living room, where you've dusted off your old portrait albums, in order to embarrass your son in front of his new girlfriend, who he has invited over for the first time!  As you open up the leather-bound cover and thumb through the pages, you're telling the story, as you go, of the day when you all headed to the beach for your portraits. Amongst all the giggling and laughing, your Son's girlfriend interjects "Where are you guys? You said you all went to the beach, right?".  You stop in your tracks as you realise that all the fun stories you've been telling, don't quite tie up with the pictures in the album.  Youre not in any of them. You're family is made up of all of you. Let's celebrate that.

2. Give one of the greatest gifts you will ever give your kids.

They say that when asked, many people would choose 'family photos' as one of the top things to grab in the event of a house fire.  And your kids in the future will agree.  Photos of their parents will surely be one of the most precious things they will ever own.  Do you wish that you had more photos of you and your parents, when you were a child?


3. They just don't care.

Yep, you've ready that right.  With love, they just don't care.  Your kids don't care if your outfit isn't quite right.  Your kids don't care if you haven't had your hair cut for a while. Your kids don't care if you havent had much sleep last night. 

Your kids just want you, their super-fun, loving mum, dad or carer, who gives the best hugs, picks them up when they fall over and kisses their knee better, to make it all ok.  The person who does funny dances to the radio in the kitchen, as you’re baking and dresses up in a Tutu and other random pieces of dress up clothing when 'playing shops'.  That's who they want to see with them, in gorgeous, happy photos around the home, which will make them feel so amazing.

So maybe next time, just take five minutes.  Five minutes to ask your Photographer "Can we have a few of us altogether?".  Because you know what? If you don't want to, you never have to do anything with those photos, if you do not wish to.  But, let's just take the opportunity.  My hunch is that you won't regret it.


P.S - If you'd like to create some gorgeous family portraits at your very own session in Suffolk, you can find out a little more about the work I do here.