5 quick tips for creating an awesome team photo for your business


Suffolk Headshot Photographer

The key to taking genuine and authentic corporate team photos is not particularly all about knowing how to pose in front of the camera, but instead, how to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere with your photographer which will bring out the best in your team, whilst allowing he or she to direct you, where required.

If you’ve never taken professional team photos before or if you simply want to improve on your last session, here is some advice on how to create a relaxed, fun space that will leave you with exceptional images.

Get Close

The last thing you want is a team photo that looks stiff and awkward. One of the secrets to creating a warm, inviting team photo is to get close. So make sure you’re not too far from each other. If there are people of varying heights in the photo, take a few photos on the same level so that you can get your heads relatively close together too.

Have Fun

Your photos always look more authentic when your team is genuinely having fun and laughing. Spend time talking about your last team team building trip or a Christmas party memory that makes you all laugh out loud. These candid moments always make for the best photos.

Keep it Natural

When you overthink posing, it takes away from the genuineness of your photos, which is why it helps to shoot your team photos in a setting where you’re all comfortable and where you can hang out for a while, as naturally as possible. For example, if you’re in an office setting, gather around the sofas in the break-out area or If you’re shooting on location, maybe choose somewhere that has a connection to your team, like a coffee shop you all love to hang out at, after work.

Use Your Surroundings

Very often, standing upright in the middle of a room or garden area will make your photos look and feel stiff. Use your surroundings to make yourselves more comfortable. For example, if there’s a wall in the vicinity, have someone lean up against it. If there’s a sofa available, pose a couple of team members on that for a few shots.

Make Use of Props

If you would like to change things up a bit or give your team something to do, you can also always incorporate a few basic props into your photos to get a few non-standard shots. What you choose will depend on your line of business, but if it suits your brand, it can always be fun experimenting!

If you still have questions about your next shoot and how to make the most of it, let me know in the comments and I will be happy to assist you with any additional tips. 


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