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In a new series of blog posts, I would like to share some simple business tips for photographers that I think of along the way, which I think you guys may find valuable as you continue to build your business. Over the past four years of being in business, one of the most important lessons learnt has been that in order for your business and family life to be in a great place, its integral that you take time to unwind at regular intervals.  I think for many of us that run our own businesses or work in challenging jobs, we often never put ourselves first, often taking what I call a 'just one more' attitude to our daily lives in order to squeeze as much as we possibly can into every day.  'Just one more hour in the office', 'just one more post of Facebook' or 'just one more phone call to make' are all very common thoughts of many business owners, but in fact I believe that sometime by doing a little less, enables you to achieve much, much more.

It was some time ago now that I came to a point where I felt that I didn't really have an outlet to unwind.  Of course, I had time with my young family which I loved, but found it difficult to generally unwind from my work.  Over time, this got more and more of an issue and before I knew it, I felt myself becoming quite anxious in lots of different situations, which in turn led to many other thought processes and uncomfortable situations.  When I thought about what I could possibly do to try and ease this for myself, I remembered an old relaxation CD that I was given years ago, but never really used.  In searching, I just couldn't locate it and so instead logged into the Apple App Store and eagerly searched for 'relaxation'.

After skipping through a few apps that seemed to all be dolphin calls and panpipes, I came across Joseph Clough's application.



Joseph is an international trainer and Empowerment speaker on NLP, Hypnosis and his own empowerment systems. He runs NLP and Hypnosis Trainings around the UK while developing self help products. He also works side by side with charities empowering those less fortunate to get the personal power and control back in their lives that they deserve.

The App is basically a hub for a mixture of Joseph's relaxation, hypnosis and teaching tracks of which some are in app purchases, but the majority being completely free to download and use.  I soon found myself making a few selections and taking some time each evening to shut myself away and gather myself using the audio.  After a short time, I found myself generally feeling more happy and relaxed on a regular basis (something I hadn't felt for a while I must admit) and it also allowed me to explore other areas of my life where I had certain blocks and bring those to the surface and deal with them.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to attend one of Joseph's teaching days as well as working my way through his debut book 'Be Your Potential', all of which being fantastic resources for me.  I really feel that I now have more of a hold on being able to unwind and in turn have bettered myself in a host of other areas, which has allowed both my business and family time to be more clear and be more amazing than it ever was.

If you would like to check out some of Joseph's resources, you can find them here on his website.  Enjoy.






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