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In a new series of blog posts, I would like to share some simple business tips for photographers that I think of along the way, which I think you guys may find valuable as you continue to build your business. Over the past four years of being in business, one of the most important lessons learnt has been that in order for your business and family life to be in a great place, its integral that you take time to unwind at regular intervals.  I think for many of us that run our own businesses or work in challenging jobs, we often never put ourselves first, often taking what I call a 'just one more' attitude to our daily lives in order to squeeze as much as we possibly can into every day.  'Just one more hour in the office', 'just one more post of Facebook' or 'just one more phone call to make' are all very common thoughts of many business owners, but in fact I believe that sometime by doing a little less, enables you to achieve much, much more.

It was some time ago now that I came to a point where I felt that I didn't really have an outlet to unwind.  Of course, I had time with my young family which I loved, but found it difficult to generally unwind from my work.  Over time, this got more and more of an issue and before I knew it, I felt myself becoming quite anxious in lots of different situations, which in turn led to many other thought processes and uncomfortable situations.  When I thought about what I could possibly do to try and ease this for myself, I remembered an old relaxation CD that I was given years ago, but never really used.  In searching, I just couldn't locate it and so instead logged into the Apple App Store and eagerly searched for 'relaxation'.

After skipping through a few apps that seemed to all be dolphin calls and panpipes, I came across Joseph Clough's application.



Joseph is an international trainer and Empowerment speaker on NLP, Hypnosis and his own empowerment systems. He runs NLP and Hypnosis Trainings around the UK while developing self help products. He also works side by side with charities empowering those less fortunate to get the personal power and control back in their lives that they deserve.

The App is basically a hub for a mixture of Joseph's relaxation, hypnosis and teaching tracks of which some are in app purchases, but the majority being completely free to download and use.  I soon found myself making a few selections and taking some time each evening to shut myself away and gather myself using the audio.  After a short time, I found myself generally feeling more happy and relaxed on a regular basis (something I hadn't felt for a while I must admit) and it also allowed me to explore other areas of my life where I had certain blocks and bring those to the surface and deal with them.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to attend one of Joseph's teaching days as well as working my way through his debut book 'Be Your Potential', all of which being fantastic resources for me.  I really feel that I now have more of a hold on being able to unwind and in turn have bettered myself in a host of other areas, which has allowed both my business and family time to be more clear and be more amazing than it ever was.

If you would like to check out some of Joseph's resources, you can find them here on his website.  Enjoy.






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FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS / SWPP London Conference 2013 Round up

I always find that January is a great time to take some time out and regroup.  To evaluate the past year, review where you think you could improve and most importantly, celebrate your successes, no matter how big or how small they may be. It just so happens that period of 'time out' coincided with the SWPP 2013 Conference in London, the UK's biggest professional photography conference.  As well as a great opportunity to catch some of the amazing speakers that attend each year and to check out all the hot products in the trade show, its a fantastic opportunity to meet up and network with other photographers.

This year I was able to catch up with my friends Zach & Jody Gray from Nashville, USA.  We first met a couple of years ago when the guys were over in the UK on a speaking engagement and so it was great to be able to meet up again and have a good chat over lunch.  I'm sure that you are aware of their amazing work, but if not certainly check it out.  Also if you're a Photographer reading this, they have some fantastic learning resources over on their website and on Creative Live.

It was also a great opportunity to hang out and catch up with the awesome Sara Thomas, Carl Middleditch, Alex Cameron, Gisela Olsson & Deidre McCullough as well as making a ton of new connections.  If you're a new photographer to the industry it really is an amazing opportunity.

On the final day of the conference I attended the keynote presentation by Jerry Ghionis.  Jerry is probably the photographer I most admire in the industry and the full day seminar really blew me away and I certainly came away looking at everything in a different way.

I leave you with a fun phone shot of me and Zach & Jody at lunch, great memories of a great few days.




 Zach & Jody Gray, Ross Dean - SWPP Conference London 2013

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS / A Fun Speaking Engagement in Essex, UK / Excel Photography Training

excel photography training, essex - ross dean speaker

This week I had the honour of being asked to speak in front of the guys at Excel Photography Training who were undertaking The 12mth Business Mentoring Programme. The programme gives emerging photographers the tools and knowledge  they need to really give their fledgling business a push in the right direction towards success.

I spoke to the delegates about how to build effective vendor relationships, which is a topic I am really passionate about as it has been integral to the growth of my business.  I had so much fun with the guys and I cant wait to track their progress in the future.


FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS / A Fun Local Photographer Shoot Swap, Suffolk


Although we as wedding photographers invest a lot of time in building relationships with other wedding vendors, we do not always take time to connect with our fellow wedding photographers.  I recently had the opportunity to do just this and on a sunny day in March, we all headed down to central Ipswich, in Suffolk to chat, have lunch and to take some time out to shoot each other, giving us all a rare opportunity to be on the other side of the camera. It was an awesome day and I can't wait for the next opportunity.  If you're a photographer who hasnt't really connected with other photographers in your town, I whole-heartedly recommend it.  It's good for the soul.


Kerrie Mitchell - Ross Dean Photography

Nick Illot - Ross Dean Photography

Sara Thomas - Ross Dean Photography

Kerrie Mitchell - Ross Dean Photography

Nick Illot- Ross Dean Photography

Rachel Pereira- Ross Dean Photography

Nick Illot - Ross Dean Photography