Your Christmas Engagement / Top 3 tips to make the most of your festive holiday, ready for the new year of planning

The Christmas season is always a popular choice for engagements.  There's something about cosying up in the warm, when it's cold outside, or maybe being around loved ones that entices couples all over the world to take that next step in their relationships.

If you're reading this after getting engaged over the festive period, congrats!  It really is a wonderful time to do so and no doubt by now, you're super excited, talk has already begun about plans, dates and dresses and you've sent your other half off to the local store to pick up an armful of wedding magazines.

This time of year between Christmas and New Year is always great, as many of us are off work and so have a little more time to ourselves.  So how should you make the most of this downtime together? Well, I wanted to share with you three tips I think you'll find helpful and allow you to hit the ground running once the new year comes around.


1/ Talk, talk and talk some more

The single most important piece of advice I can offer you is to grab a bottle of wine or a coffee one evening and just talk.  Its as simple as that.  It's really important for you both to explore what you want from your wedding before you go about researching or making appointments.  Talk about the types of venue you'd like, what kind of feel you would like for the day, how would you like people to remember the day.  Taking the time to listen to one another's thoughts and ideas is really priceless as you'll take any next steps with a clear picture of what you want and also don't want and it will save so much time later on.


2/ Get online

You'll find that between Christmas and New Year, not too many venues or wedding suppliers will be open to take enquiries.  But armed with your laptop and a notepad, you still have full access to all their information via their websites.  Set aside some time and start to search for venues and vendors, whilst noting them down.  This way you'll have a good list to refer to, once people are back at work and you want to start enquiring.  A good tip is to focus on your choice of venues first as this is what you'll need to secure first when it comes to it, so having a good idea of a few venues you like ready for the new year will really help.


3/ Consult your network

The Christmas holidays usually mean that you're around close family who you'll be spending a lot of time with during the the festivities.  You'll also probably be arranging drinks and dinner parties with friends and colleagues.  This gives you a fantastic opportunity to talk to friends and family that you know have recently got married.  Did they get married at an awesome venue?  Was their florist truly amazing?  Take some time to sit down with them and ask them for any recommendations they can give.  Of course, they may not have got married in the same area as you are looking at, but they may have some tips themselves that they would have loved to know when they were planning their wedding.


Although quite simple, I hope these tips got you thinking how you can best spend your time over the next week.  Remember that if you would like some of my own personal supplier recommendations, you can download my 'Little Black Book' for Free, by clicking here, which includes the names of the vendors I recommend to all my clients.

I would LOVE to hear your engagement stories, so please feel free to share them in the comments below and equally click the button below if you would like to get in touch to arrange a time to talk about your wedding photography or indeed anything else about your wedding, I would be only too happy to help.