A Cosy Home Portrait Experience in Colchester, Essex // The Mallett Family

From being high school friends, Paul and I have gone from talking WWF Wrestling, Football stickers and if we were going to the chip shop at lunchtime to more recently CBeebies, baby monitors and which car seats have good reviews.

Everything in between has been a blur and fantastically vivid too, if that makes sense?

Paul is a hardworking dad who adores his children and his amazing wife and its been a real treat to watch them, like many other friends of mine, nurture this wonderful new family.

And so it is fantastically sweeter that I was also asked to document their family's legacy, initially on the arrival of their first son, but also recently for the arrival of their second.

What really shone brightly for me at the more recent session was the bond that the brothers have for each other. Still so young, but thats the amazing thing about siblings, especially at this age. 

The innate need to want to look after each other. Picking each other up when they topple over, handing them their favourite toy or just sitting next to each other, just being there.

It is something that I also see in my two children, every day as they grow up and every day, without fail, it gives me a whirlpool inside of joy, warmth and gratitude, as I'm sure it does to Paul and Faye also.