Complimentary Headshot Photography For Ipswich-Based Charities


Ipswich Headshot Photographer

Through the work I do with local businesses, providing headshot photography, it's natural to engage in conversation around the challenges that both their businesses and the businesses of others, they work alongside.

One of the subjects that seemed to always come up in the charity space, particularly, was the fact that reductions in funding and donations meant that charities sometimes had to refrain from spending money on their marketing, as the need to invest funds in the actual services they offer was much more prominent. 

And in today's digital world, you're probably aware that it is so important that both businesses and charities alike have a strong presence, both online and offline, when it comes to their marketing, so it seems that many charities find themselves in the position where they do not have the means to promote and market the amazing work that they do.

So this got me thinking.  Was there a way that I could help some of the amazing charities that are based in my town of Ipswich, with the skills that I have? And so I am really excited to announce that I have launched a new opportunity for Ipswich based registered charities.

So basically, I will be donating one of my Headshot Experience sessions (worth £195) to one Ipswich-based charity, every month.  This will entitle the organisation to one of my popular sessions, which can be used for up to three staff members.

You can find all the information, together with how to apply, here.  I'm excited to serve some wonderful charities in my local area and so if you care reading this and know a particular charity which may benefit, please share this post.