Confetti 101 | What to do, how to do it & why it's another great memory to add to your wedding album


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It's the stuff that you'll no doubt be finding bits of for weeks on end, after your wedding day.  It's always the go-to shot when weddings are shown on film and TV and It's the stuff that many of your older relatives will no doubt have tucked away in their handbag, on your wedding day, ready for the opportune moment!

Yes, you've guessed it.  Today we're talking all about confetti.  Whether its something that's been on your 'must have' list since you set your date, or you're wondering what the heck I'm going on about (!), I wanted to share some tips today around how you can integrate it into your wedding day, should you wish to, and how to get the best out of the moment when it comes to your wedding photography.

...Modern paper confetti traces back to symbolic rituals of tossing grains and sweets during special occasions, traditional for numerous cultures throughout history as an ancient custom dating back to pagan times, but adapted from sweets and grains to paper through the centuries...
— Wikipedia

What is a confetti line?

A confetti line is, I guess, the most traditional way to use confetti on your wedding day.  Usually, two lines of wedding guests are placed either side of a path which leads to the ceremony, facing in, whilst holding their confetti.  The wedding couple then exits the wedding ceremony and walk down the path, in between their waiting guests and as they come past, their guests toss their confetti into the air in celebration, as the couple walk past.

However, this isn't the only way it can be done.  You can really be creative around how you do it and can put your own mark on it.  Whether you choose to do it at a different point on the wedding day or with your guests in a different arrangement, the possibilities are endless.


When and where should I do a confetti shot?

As I mentioned above, there are no set rules and so should you wish to do it at another time on the wedding day, that's totally fine.  It's worth discussing it with your wedding planner and photographer ahead of time, who can give guidance and ideas of when would be a perfect fit for your day.

Where to do it, is also something to definitely discuss with your venue.  Many venues will have certain places in which they will allow confetti throwing and so it's a must to discuss.  For UK churches, this is would usually be the pathway leading to the main church doors and for UK wedding venues, it differs from venue to venue.  Working with your venues ahead of time will allow everything to go super-smoothly on the day and reduce the need for any last minute changes in arrangements.

What kind of confetti do I need?

Although there are a host of options on the market, it's pretty much a strict requirement in all UK churches and commercial wedding venues that biodegradable confetti is used at all times.  Whilst being easier for the venues to manage after being thrown, it's also the best option for our environment, so it's a win-win!

What do my guests need to do?

Usually, your wedding photographer will co-coordinate this part of the wedding day, as they will want to ensure that the arrangements are such that you get to keep wonderful memories in your album.  Should this not be possible, your wedding planner or wedding coordinator may well be able to assist in showing your guests where to stand and what to do.

To give you an example, I'd love to share how I would set up a traditional confetti line, say from a church pathway. 

Once the ceremony has ended and you have walked back down the aisle and out of the main church doors, I will usually take some informal shots of you at the church doorway, before taking you aside, in readiness for the exit of your family and friends.  As your loved ones exit the church, I will invite them to take some of the provided confetti (usually being given out by a member of the wedding party) and take up a place on either side of the church pathway.  Once everyone has taken their place, I will quickly share with the guests some helpful instructions on what we are going to do and that's it! You guys can walk back down the pathway and all your guests can throw their confetti, as you go past them.

What are the benefits of doing a confetti shot?

Traditionally, many believe that it was a symbolic celebration of you entering the outside world as a married couple for the very first time and so for many, it's a lovely way to include your loved ones in such a moment. 

It can also be a really great way to lead your guests to the reception and it also makes for really fun, joyous photos which can be enjoyed forever in your wedding album.

So I hope that this article has given you some food for thought as to whether you would love to use confetti in some way at your own wedding, and remember, don't forget to chat things over with the venue well in advance so that you can plan the perfect moment, which works for everyone involved.


P.S - I'd love to hear all about your plans! Would you love to have a confetti shot in your wedding album or is it not your bag? Share your thoughts in the comments.