Do I need to supply a meal for my photographer on the wedding day?


Suffolk Wedding Photographer

So let's get straight to it...

It's up to you!

Yep, it's as easy as that.  As far as my own approach is concerned, there's no right or wrong answer, no 'way it's always been done' and no specific rules.  So you can now breathe a sigh of relief.  Done? OK, let's move on.

Like many of your wedding suppliers who will be spending a considerable amount of time at your wedding, there will need to be times throughout the day where they will need to eat and drink in order to keep their energy up so that they can continue to give a great service throughout the wedding day.

And your photographer will be one of those suppliers.  Arguably, they will be one of the suppliers which will be with you for the most amount of time and with the work being relatively active, it will be important for them to ensure that they take the odd moment to replenish their energy.

Depending on the suppliers you choose to use, there may well be some agreement made, regarding a supplier meal, at the time of you hiring them.  Some may mention at the consultation that they will require a meal supplied to them.  Some may have it written into their terms and conditions.  Some may provide provisions for themselves, if a supplier meal is not possible, and take that onus off the client.  I have always opted for the latter.

Of course, I cannot comment on any other arrangement, other than my own.  As we all have our own needs for our businesses.  No two are alike.  But I would love to share with you today, why I do not stipulate that I am provided with a supplier meal, ahead of the wedding.

You see, with many weddings I shoot, because the clients are providing meals for their guests in any case, I am often asked if I, and any assistants working with me on the day, would like a meal provided.  This is always greatly appreciated and is a really lovely gesture.  

On the other hand, if the client's plans are such that a supplier meal will not be possible on the day.  That's totally OK! :)  I really don't want it to be something for my clients to worry about.  You see, unless I am told otherwise, I will always ensure that I arrive at every wedding with adequate sustenance for my needs.  This way, it means that that the client will not have to let me know that a meal will not be provided, which some people find uncomfortable.  It's all taken care of.

Another question that often comes up is...

"When would you like to have your meal served?"

For me, I will stop photographing your guests once they have started to be served their food at the wedding breakfast.  This allows them to enjoy the amazing banquet you have arranged, without being conscious of someone with a camera over their shoulder.  So when your guests are eating is also a great time to also serve any supplier meals.  It also often helps the kitchen too, as they don't have to make any other arrangements for meals to be prepared at another time.

With everything I do for my clients.  I try to make the whole process as easy and care-free as I can and so this approach to supplier meals is just another way for me to ensure this.

I hope this short article has helped somewhat by giving you some insights into my own business.  Of course, if you have already secured your wedding photographer, it's worth talking to them ahead of time, to see what their own approach is and most photographers will be very easy going on the subject, allowing you guys to concentrate on all the other exciting aspects that planning your wedding will bring.


P.S - If you have any particular burning questions about photography or indeed anything else about your wedding, I'd be more than happy to help.  Just drop me a message here and I'll get right back to you.