For Photographers / At last! A community-focused mobile network for the data happy UK photographer

Like most photographers, I'm a smartphone-equipt small business owner that heavily relies on my shiny mobile marvel to keep me in touch with my clients, arrange my diary and a host of other vital operations.  Over the years, I have tried most UK mobile networks and to be honest, while they all have their merits, there wasn't really one that felt a great fit. With a data-intensive usage, my aim recently was to research all the big players with the hope of getting myself a great deal, at a great price, which hopefully wasn't going to see me venture outside my allocated data plan and start to rack up extra expense.

During my online research, I had noticed the name GiffGaff a few times as part of their online advertising.  The branding was modern and quirky and more importantly they boasted 'unlimited data'.  This caught my eye as, to my best knowledge, not many of their competitors were offering over 2gb and so intrigued I hurried over to their website.

GiffGaff describe what they do best in their own words:

We do things differently from the big mobile networks. We're run by our members. Our members get rewarded for running parts of our business like answering questions in the community, getting new members or helping make us famous. This means we keep our costs low and pass the savings back to our members.

This ethos really resonated with me.  In my experience, the type of companies that have this kind of relationship with their clients are normally amazing to work with.  Their services also appealed to me as they were a 'sim only' service.  As I was still rocking an Iphone 4 that was outside of contract and still functioning great, choosing a company like GiffGaff was going to save me a ton of money, but with a ton more value.  Also GiffGaff use the O2 network, which was ironically the same network I was on before.

So it was pretty much a done deal, I signed up, they sent me a Sim through the post within a couple of days, picked my tariff and transferred my number, all really easily. I kinda thought to myself as I was going through, why cant all the other operators have a service as efficient as this!?

I really think GiffGaff should be on your radar if you're a creative professional (or indeed anyone) that already has their own smartphone and is looking for a low cost way of running your business phone/mobile internet that offers way more value than many other operators at the moment.  Sure, I'm guessing more will follow suit with this model in the future, but until then, I'm sure the guys at GiffGaff will be steadily building an army of loyal community-focussed users and in my book, thats a great crowd to be in.

Check out the link below and see how they can maybe help you out with your mobile/data services.  I'd also be really interested to hear your thoughts around GiffGaff's services, or indeed if you've found an even better offer, so please drop me a message below.


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