Four Reasons to Do a Father Daughter First Look


An emerging trend in weddings today is the idea of a Father Daughter First Look. Moments between a father and his daughter are so pivotal in a wedding day, from the father walking his little girl down the aisle to the father daughter dance. The father daughter first look is becoming another moment to add to that list. Before any wedding that I shoot, I ask every bride in my pre-wedding questionnaire if she would like me to arrange a reveal for her father—or another family member or friend who will be giving her away. If my bride says yes, I’ll ask her father to come down to the bridal prep location toward the end of the getting ready stage. Then, I’ll orchestrate a way for him to either come into the room or for the bride to come down to where he is waiting—and capture both of their reactions as they see each other for the first time.

For many of my clients, the images from this first look are amongst their favourites in the entire wedding album. It’s a beautiful moment to look back on, and it is almost always emotional and touching. I think that capturing this moment is an important and beautiful thing to orchestrate and here are four reasons to consider having one at your wedding.

Get a Moment to Yourselves

For many fathers—or brothers, uncles, or other family members—a wedding can be incredibly emotional. They are giving away their daughter, son, niece, nephew, sister, or brother, and it can mean the world to give them a moment just before the ceremony to privately and freely express their feelings with just you around. This alone time allows you both to reflect on the memories that led up to this special day and to experience these emotions on your own. There’s no concern about shedding a few tears in front of all your friends and family, this private moment allows you both time to enjoy one another’s company before the walk down the aisle.

Create Opportunities to make Memories

Some fathers take the opportunity to bring handwritten notes, and on the other hand, some brides will bring cards or gifts that they have purchased for their fathers. These can be tender moments as well as you express your love for each other. This can also be a time for a bride to put the buttonhole flower on her father herself, giving special significance to the moment and more meaning to his own outfit. This simple gesture might otherwise go without being captured on camera, but in a Father Daughter First Look, that experience can be photographed, preserved and treasured.

Settle Pre-Wedding Jitters

A first look like this can also help to settle out your nerves. Those last few moments of quiet time before the ceremony can be filled with anticipation, and spending them with someone you love can help keep you calm—and give you a few extra moments to freshen up.

Share a Special Moment with a Loved One

It doesn’t have to be your father if you’re considering this kind of first look. Any family member giving the bride away is going to be proud to be involved and obviously close to the bride. Mothers, brothers, uncles, or family friends—whoever is part of your big day is absolutely welcome to participate in this tradition.

Your wedding day is your own, and I want to do everything in my power to make sure I capture those memorable moments and emotions. If you’d like to do a first look with your father for your wedding, please let me know, and I would love to make that happen for you!