How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

A question I often get asked during wedding photography enquires is "How far in advance do we need to book you?".  My answer is always "As soon as you're able".  After deciding on a date and then securing the venues for both your ceremony and reception, it is considered that your photographer is one of the next big investments to get in place.

With the majority of my couples booking me often a year in advance, I always hate having to refer potential clients to other photographers and so especially if couples are choosing to get married during the popular summer months between June and September, I always urge that they get come in for a consultation as soon as they possibly can.

When it came to weddings in Suffolk, 2014 was a little different, in that I saw a trend of weddings being arranged and booked with just a few months to spare which I hadn't experienced before.  In those cases, it turned out that I was in fact available for some, but not for many others, which was a real shame as they all sounded like really amazing celebrations.  

If you are in a position yourself whereby you are looking to book a wedding photographer at the last minute for whatever circumstances, it is still definitely worth getting in touch, just in case the date is free.  But as I say, getting in touch as early on as you can will always ensure the best outcome, once you have found a wedding photographer that you really love.