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If you're thinking about booking a portrait session in Suffolk for your family, you may well be currently looking around online for your perfect photographer.  You may have noticed that as well as having different photographic styles, a lot of portrait photographers in Suffolk also have different approaches to how they run their sessions or shoots, and what is included in those sessions.

In order to make your decision-making process a little easier, I firstly wanted to break things down for you today.  Going over 3 of the more popular approaches, so that you can make an informed choice and secure the family photographer who is the best fit for your family. Secondly, I wanted to tell you a little more about which approach I personally offer my clients and in turn what you can expect to pay for this type of experience:


1. The 'all in' portrait session approach

This approach offers the client the portrait session and also all the digital images from the shoot.  Usually, all for one inclusive price.  The session will usually take around an hour and afterwards, you will either be sent a USB drive of all your finished images in the post, or they may well be delivered to you online via a download gallery or direct download link.

This approach is perfect for: Families who would like to pay just one price for their session and their digital files.  Ideal for those families looking for a quick, efficient process which allows them to just print their photos themselves and share online or on social media, rather than have professional albums or wall art created by their photographer.


2. The portrait session + online gallery approach

This approach offers the client a portrait session at a set price.  After the shoot, the client will be sent a link to an online gallery where they can view their photographs at home on their phone or tablet and then place orders for prints, albums and frames directly from their gallery.

This approach is perfect for: Families who would like to pay upfront for their session and then have the opportunity to purchase further products from their photographer, but from the comfort of their own home, without the photographer's assistance or input.


3. The portrait session + personal viewing & ordering session approach

This approach invites the family to pay a session fee for their portrait shoot, in advance, and then design and purchase their desired products during a personal in-person viewing and ordering session.

This is actually the type of experience I give my own clients and so I would love to share with you how I run my own sessions.

As part of their session fee, the family are firstly offered a pre-session phone consultation, during which the photographer has the opportunity to speak to the client in advance of their portrait session, in order to learn a little more about both the family and their aspirations for their time together.  This will usually consist of finding out about all the family members and their personalities, discussing possible locations that would be a good fit for everyone involved and also give the client the opportunity to discuss any other questions they may have at the time.  This can sometimes include conversations around what to wear and what to bring on the day, etc.

All this preparation work allows me to really tailor the session to each individual family so that we can make the session as effective as we possibly can.

The session itself will then be scheduled and then run at a mutually convenient time.  At the end of the session, the family will be gifted a printed product guide to take away (if they haven't already received one) in order to start to review and get excited by the types of products that they would really love to create.

The family decision makers are then invited to their own personal viewing and ordering session, where they will view their photography for the very first time via a cinematic style viewing at my space in Ipswich.  After the initial viewing, we will then, together, look at all the individual photographs together, in order to pick out those photos which the family particularly love and therefore would love to use when creating their products.

Samples of all the products are available at the session, in order to view and feel.  This is super important, in order to ascertain which style of product would be perfect for their home.

Finally, we will then together design the desired products during the session, having me there in person to help guide the family through all the styles, colours and finishes I have to offer.

My own portrait sessions are priced at £100 for mid-week sessions (Mon-Thu) and £150 for weekend sessions (Sat-Sun).

This approach is perfect for: Families who really appreciate quality, professional grade products and wish to experience a real end-to-end bespoke and personal photography experience, whereby they work directly with their photographer in order to create beautiful heirloom products for their home, which will be enjoyed for many years to come.

I hope that this has helped to walk you though some of the different approaches to family portrait sessions.  I encourage you to look around and chat directly with those photographers you feel would be a great fit, in order to find out more about the experience they personally offer.


P.S - If you'd like to find out more about my family portrait photography services, you can do so by visiting my portrait services page here.