How much photography coverage do I need on my wedding day?


Suffolk Wedding Photographers

I get it! It can be super confusing.  You've been searching online for the perfect wedding photographer for your Suffolk wedding.  You've found someone amazing who really resonates with your personalities and you're at the point of booking. But wait.  You're now looking at a huge pricing list, filled with a ton of different packages with lots of different lengths of coverage.  And you think...

How much photography coverage do I need on my wedding day?

Choosing your album, canvases for the wall and other options is often the easy part.  when you're at the point of booking, often a year or so in advance, it's so tricky to accurately know how many hours you will need a photographer for, on the day. 

Is 4 hours enough? what about 8? do I need to cover the first dance too? How much of the party needs to be photographed? It can be difficult to know and this is why I personally adopted the following approach a few years ago now.

Although you may not know how many hours you need at the time of booking, what you do probably know is which parts of the wedding you would like covered.  Let me explain.  Most of my clients would love to have the full story of their wedding documented, in readiness for creating the perfect weddding album.  For most this would mean covering from the bridal prep (getting ready) in the morning, right through to dancing in the evening.  Great! so you know what you want but at the time of booking, when timelines havent been agreed, you're not sure how many hours this equates to.

From speaking to my past clients, by way of feedaback, this used to be something that came up a lot.  As like everything I do for my clients, I wanted the decision making process to be as informed and easy as I could, which is why all my wedding photography collections used an event based structure when it comes to coverage.

So instead of booking 8hrs or 12hrs of time, my clients instead have the option to book coverage from bridal preparations through to first dance.  That's it. done.  This way, no matter how the timelines shift, closer to the wedding, you will have booked, safe in the knowledge that everything you desired, is covered.

No buyers remorse.  No having to add coverage on later. No more debating.  Cool huh?

So that's how it works when working with me.  Of course, there are other options than those shown as the example above, but it gives you an easy to understand example, which may in fact be a good fit for you, also.


P.S - If you would like a short, informal chat about your wedding coverage, I'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop me a message, here, at any time.