A Tender Needham Lake Portrait Experience // Katie & Sam, Suffolk

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Suffolk Portrait Photography

You know its funny. Sometimes people come into your life and you can really sense an aura about them. It could be how easily you fall into conversation, how much you have in common, or just an innate feeling that you can't quite put your finger on, that just seems effortless and equally enjoyable when spending time with them.

As I chatted to Sam during our time together at the beautiful Needham Lakes for his and Katie's portrait experience, his eyes would regularly glance over to Katie as she patently waited for Sam to finish some solo portraits I was shooting at the time. I noticed that although he was fully present in our conversation, his eyes would glance over to her every few seconds and every time he would break into a beaming smile, with Katie completely unawares as she attended to George, their gorgeous four-legged friend who had accompanied them on the session. It was a smile that could say so much more than any words could.

A smile that was only for Katie.

Fast forward a week or so later as they guys enjoyed their viewing session, a photograph of Sam popped up in the presentation, again, adorned with the exact same beaming smile. "Your mum would love that photograph" said Katie "You don't smile that often in photos".

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