3 reasons to get out of the studio & have your next family portrait shoot in the great Suffolk outdoors


Suffolk Family Photography

One of the great things about living in Suffolk is that we have such a wealth of beautiful, amazing spaces to visit with the family.  Whether its the Waterfront in Ipswich, The beaches of Aldeburgh and Southwold, or just a late afternoon stroll through the many winding country paths that the county has to offer, there really is something for all tastes.

And this is also great news when it comes to booking your next family portrait session.  You may have previously had your family photos in a studio environment and like you I love the style and fun photos that a great studio session can bring. But I wanted to share 3 reasons today while you may want to consider a lifestyle type shoot when planning your next family portrait session.


1. Celebrate your family by showing what's special to you.

What I love about the early stages of planning a portrait session for my clients, is chatting about possible locations for their shoot.  I ask them to think about the places they love to go as a family as maybe we could use one of those for on the day.  The great thing about this is that when it comes to enjoying their portraits on the walls of their home in many years to come, they can remember all the great times they had at that favourite spot or compare the location with how it is now.  The location almost becomes part of the family and is sure to always evoke some great memories.


2. Let the kids run free.

Sometimes, especially with small children, studio sessions can be a little restrictive and overwhelming.  In that space may be restrictive and it may be a touch warm or chilly depending on the season.  I love to take families with young children into the outdoors as it opens up a whole new world of play, letting them run free and it all seems like a normal day out with mum and dad.  In my experience, this allows them to open up a little more and be more responsive to having their photos taken, safe in the knowledge that its somewhere they're familiar with.


3. Bring the outside in, when it comes to your home decor.

At my viewing and ordering sessions, after a shoot, the family get to see their photography for the very first time, on the big screen.  We then chat about which photographs particularly resonate with mum and dad and then use these to create gorgeous pieces for their home.  The thing I really love about using outdoor images, as we create these new heirlooms is that we have so much colour and depth to the images which just look stunning on any wall.  It makes the photographs really pleasing to the eye and with a host of stunning finishing options to choose from, we can really make some showstopping features for your style of home.


I hope that has helped in giving you some thoughts for when you book in your next family portrait session.  I encourage you to get outside and embrace what this region has to offer, you really won't regret it.


P.S - I would love to discuss your own ideas for where you could run your next family portrait session.  Click here to get in touch today.