Should I get my hair and make-up professionally done before my headshot session?


Suffolk Headshot Photography

When planning your new business headshots, as well as considering your wardrobe ahead of time, hair and make-up is a topic which also comes up a lot when talking to clients.

Of course, everyone wants to look their very best in photographs.  Especially their business headshots as they want them to represent their personal brand or business, in the very best light.

But looking their very best means different things to different people, everyone is different, and so whilst some clients choose to have their hair and make-up professionally styled ahead of their headshots, some clients opt for just styling themselves, as they would do day to day.

It's a very personal thing and both approaches can work really well.  But I just wanted to share my own thoughts, through experience, that will hopefully allow you to make an informed decision based on what is the best fit for you, personally.

Although hiring a professional to style your hair and makeup always looks great on camera and is a great way to give yourself a lovely treat, I always recommend that the stylist recreates the look you generally go for, day to day.  Just so the look isn't too far from your natural working look.  As your business headshot should be representative of you, if someone was to meet you say, at a networking event, you don't want to go for any considerable transformation that isn't easily recognisable.

When it comes to hair,  I generally recommend that you leave a few days between any haircuts and your headshot session, just to let your hair settle.  Of course, the actual styling can be done on the day, but allowing your cut to rest in after a wash, generally works best I've found.

So if by now you have decided that you may like to have your hair and make-up professionally styled before your headshot session in Suffolk, who should you speak to?  I've already thought of this :) and so please find a small selection of Suffolk-serving Hair & Make-up artists, who I have worked with regularly in the past and would recommend getting in touch with:

Suffolk Make Up Artists:

Sophie Saunders - Click here to visit Sophie's website

Michelle O'Neill (Purity Beauty) - Click here to visit Michelle's website

Roberta Amy Owen (RAO Make-up) - Click here to visit Roberta's website

Aleksandra Zych - Click here to visit Aleksandra's website


Suffolk Hair Stylists:

Chelsea Wray - Click here to visit Chelsea's website

Michelle Ruel (The Guardroom Salon) - Click here to visit Michelle's salon website

Karen Lowe -  Click here to visit Karen's website

Each one of the amazing stylists above provides a different approach and style to what they do, so I would consider getting in touch for a chat, to see which you gel with the most.

My final tip, if you are planning to have your hair and make-up professionally down ahead of your headshots, is what not plan your headshot session on the same day as a date night with your partner, night out with the girls or your company ball?  After all, being able to enjoy your professional styling for longer than just your headshot session is a great way to get the most out of your styling and you'll be feeling fabulous all day long!

I hope this article has helped you think about whether having your hair and make-up professionally done for your Headshot session, would be a good fit for you personally.  Just remember - as long as you feel comfortable, natural and your best 'you', you'll be on to a winner.


P.S - If you'd like to ask any other questions, not covered here, please feel to get in touch via the website.