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Suffolk Headshot Photography

A couple of days before my 40th birthday (Woop!) I had the real pleasure of working with the amazing team over at Spi-des-ign Web & Design Agency over in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

The first thing that hits you when you visit them is just the natural beauty surrounding their workspace. I always say this, but we’re so lucky here in Suffolk to have such an abundance of natural green space. And the country barn style studio which the team enjoys just outside of Bury St Edmunds, a stones throw away from some amazing countryside is such a treat for their clients who have the pleasure of spending time with them.


When Kelly and I sat down at our pre-shoot chat, we agreed that we wanted to bring together some of these elements into the photography, to really showcase the team, of course, but also build a picture of their brand which is of a warm, friendly, relaxed design studio, set in the idyllic Suffolk countryside and the dedication of creating functional, beautiful design assets which create more business for their clients.


On the day, the team were a dream to work with and their fun personalities really shone through as we progressed through their session which was a mix of headshots, team photos, exterior shots, interactive portraits and detail elements.


In capturing all these elements of the business, the team would in the future be able to cherry pick photographs from their online gallery, whenever and wherever they needed. Without needing to spend time choosing from stock photography galleries where the photographs have been used many times, by many other businesses before them.

Spi-des-ign Web & Graphic Solutions are a family run business based in Tostock, in-between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, Suffolk. Our office is in the lovely Suffolk countryside, in a converted barn, providing plenty of parking on site and easily accessible from the A14. We help customers all over the UK but mostly in the East of England - Cambridgeshire, Essex, London, Norfolk and Suffolk.
— Spi-des-ign

Headshots were an integral part of the session for us. I wanted to use a couple of different settings which were both in-keeping with the surroundings, but allowed us to achieve a couple of different looks, so that the team could swap out and use fresh headshots from time to time.


As we wrapped up the session, I spent some time with the team in their colourful consultation space where I documented a team meeting scenario. Although giving subtle, fun prompts, it allowed me to get warm, natural shots of the team where the smiles and gestures were authentic and so could allow prospective clients to really get a feel for what it would be like to spend time with the team.

A little design agency with big ideas
— Spi-des-ign

It was such fun working with the team at Spi-des-ign and I wish the guys every success for the future as they utilise their new imagery to full effect in the coming year.


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