A Beautiful Home Portrait Experience in Ipswich, Suffolk // The O'Neill Family

For me, some of the greatest moments in the work that I do, are those that stop you in your tracks.

One such moment happened recently as I was putting the finishing touches to the wall art designs for the O'Neill family.

As my head raised to the screen to continue what I was doing at the time, looking back at me was the gorgeous, beaming face of a beautiful child.

A child born out of such love, like many others, but for me the story goes much deeper as just a handful of years earlier I had the honour of documenting this little one's mum and dad as they said their vows in front of those they loved the most, next to the serene waters of the Portuguese coast.

Again, another day filled with such love, but little did I know, just a few years later I would be able to continue this love story with the birth of their first child.

And it was at this same moment, I was reminded of the real honour I have in the work that I do. The honour in documenting the legacy of love between families is one I do not take lightly, but one I will always cherish.

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