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Suffolk Headshot Photography

Technology is amazing. There's no doubt about it, and for many of us, it means that we can work from anywhere in the world and still feel connected to our clients, colleagues and friends.

But when we need to truly connect, there's nothing like expressing the person behind the brand.


Adam is a super-talented web developer over at 1Jump2 Web Design who prides himself not only in delivering great websites, but in the way he works with his clients.

In the way he goes the extra mile, is empathetic in making the design and development process easy to understand, so that the client feels supported and empowered at all times.

Whether you are a new business or your current website isn’t performing, my focus is always the same. I build websites that will be easy for your customers to use and make you money.
— Adam O'Connor | 1Jump2 Web Design, Suffolk

So sometimes, the only way to start this conversation is by showing the person behind the websites.

The husband.

The father.


The approachable, funny, easy going developer that really wants to give you not only a great new website, but also a great experience along the way.

And sometimes, the simplest way to start is with a photograph.

These were some of Adam's favourites.


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