Suffolk Wedding Flowers // 5 Mins with Helen Newman Florist


Suffolk Wedding Floristry

In the past,  I have been in the fortunate position to have worked with some of the most amazing wedding suppliers in Suffolk and across the UK, with many of which becoming great friends.  I know that many of my prospective and current clients check out my blog from time to time to see what I’ve been up to, which got me thinking.  What better way to introduce some of my trusted vendor friends to my clients than to give them the spotlight for 5 minutes here on my blog where they could tell us about their business, their inspirations and what makes them tick.  So here you have it, a new series of interviews has been born, I hope you enjoy them.

Today I had the chance to sit down with Helen Newman, an amazing wedding florist who is based in Suffolk, UK.  I've had the pleasure of working with Helen at a number of weddings now and her flowers have always been so, so stunning.



For those readers who may not have come across your work before, please can you tell us a little about your background and how you got into being a wedding florist?

Helen: Accidentally really - I’ve been a florist for nearly 20 years now, but it wasn’t my original plan. After a few years working as a visual merchandiser I realised this wasn’t for me. A friend owned a florist shop and it was suggested that I should try it out - my first thought was “that’s what old ladies do, not the career for a 20 something!” - Never the less, I gave it a go.

I fell in love on that first day - walking in to this beautiful space stocked daily with seasonal flowers from New Covent Garden Market, arranged in a wave of colour from floor to ceiling, it was overwhelming - I was like a kid in a sweet shop wanting everything! So a trained from the bottom up, over three years, a great grounding. I then went on to work for the world renowned florist Jane Packer starting in her London stores and then to New York and the Middle East. Following a more fashion lead style, picking up on trends and developing my skills.

After five years I was ready for a new challenge so took a management position at one of the oldest florists in London - Moyses Stevens, a completely new style, more organic, classic and the holders of a royal warrant. Five years here saw me installing flowers in some of Londons most famous locations. So how did I end up in Suffolk? Well we decided to move our family here 8 years ago and began the business then. It grew organically, word of mouth and recommendations really, one wedding lead to another and so on.Today I love meeting new couples, discussing their plans and working together to create the look they are hoping for. 


In three words how would you describe your brand/business?

Helen: Natural, elegant and unique.


Who or what inspires the creativity in your work?

Helen: Everything really, from my rural surroundings, seasonal changes, interior design fashion and fabric. As a creative person I’m always on the look out for colours textures and patterns that catch my eye. 


What trends are you currently seeing and how do you predict the future looks for wedding floristry here in the UK?

Helen: Well the green foliage look is still really big right now, lots of different leaves, loose, trailing shapes, organic, growing designs. Wedding flowers are like all other aspects of design, they are influenced by the changing trends in paint colours, fashion, interiors and even whats happening socially and culturally.  

How far in advance do you suggest couples come talk to you about their wedding flowers?

Helen: When they are ready really, so it’s usually good if they have a few details in place first, the date and the venue, then we can think about an idea of the overall feel for the day. It’s really helpful to see all the other aspects of the day, the dresses, suits and invites etc, this all helps me to build a clearer picture of their vision. 

Which wedding blogs, magazines or other resources do you recommend that couples check out, in order to gain inspiration?

Helen: If you’re lucky enough to be planning you’re wedding more than a year ahead, then get outside and be inspired by what is around you and in season, not just the flowers but the foliages too. Particularly if your church or venue has gardens this can really help with inspiration. I’m not really into magazines and I have to admit I’m not great at following social media as regularly as I should. I find Pinterest a great resource for brides, even if it just gives you an overall feel or colour for your flowers, then I can recommend the best varieties for that season. 



What advice would you give couples when choosing their wedding florist?

Helen: Look at their previous work, does any of this reflect your style, or the look you are hoping to achieve? When you meet, do they listen to your ideas and come up with suggestions to inspire you? 

When you receive your quotation everything should be clearly laid out with full descriptions, plenty of images and if necessary measurements too. Don’t be afraid to ask for all of this, it’s important that you and the florist both have the same vision for your day. 

Finally, as with any wedding supplier did you like them and feel comfortable in their company? A really big part of working with couples is building a rap-our  and having trust. 

Finally, what's the best thing about being a wedding florist?

Helen: There are so many reasons why I love what I do, working with an ever changing array of amazing colours and textures, combining the most beautiful, natural materials. My resources are constantly changing and ever evolving, keeping my world fresh and never dull. When the next season begins and a whole wealth of new and exciting flowers arrive I find myself more inspired than ever.


My sincere thanks to Helen for her time.  If you would like to speak to Helen about your forthcoming wedding, please check out her website.