Top 5 things for couples to do in Paris, France

Photo Credit: Getty Images via Squarespace

Top 5 things for couples to do in Paris


So, you’ve just said your I do’s and are now looking forward to making your way to Paris for a blissful honeymoon escape. Fortunately, the City of Love knows how to provide just that and so much more for you and your new partner for life. Here are some ideas on what you two can do together while there.

1. Walk to Montmarte in Search of the “I Love You” Wall

An area made up of winding pathways, inviting cobblestone streets, and plenty of picturesque stairways that help to make Montmarte a well-loved part of Paris. Wander about and head toward Square Jehan Rictus where you will find a wall where “I love you” has been written in over 250 languages. 


2. Have a Picnic in the Park

Head to a nearby market, grab your favourite goodies (cheese, fresh baguette, meats, fruit, etc.) and of course a bottle of wine on the way to one of the many beautiful parks in the city. Enjoy each other’s company and watch as the world goes by. 


3. Watch the Eiffel Tower Sparkle at Night

Although stunning at all times of the day, there is something about the way the Eiffel Tower looks as all of its twinkling lights go off at night time. This is definitely something that should not be missed!


4. Take a Sunset Cruise Down the Seine

End the perfect day in one of the most perfect ways by hopping on a river boat cruise down the Seine. Watch as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon and get ready to sneak a kiss just as the boat passes underneath the bridge; it’s said to bring good luck.


5. Dinner for Two on a Rooftop Garden

Get all dressed up and make your way to the lovely La Tour d’Argent; a rooftop garden boasting exquisite views of the city and the Eiffel Tower. Drink champagne, soak up the magical Paris atmosphere and toast to a splendid night with the one you love most. 


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