Andrew & Theo {Engaged} - A sunny Suffolk civil partnership engagement shoot


In this country we are not too blessed with our weather on Bank Holidays, so when I booked Andrew & Theo's Engagement Shoot last month I was hoping that things might just change for us. Over the weekend leading up to the Bank Holiday, Suffolk had seen high winds, rain and pretty much everything else! So I woke up that morning squinting out of one eye, just hoping for some good weather...and you know what, It looked kinda nice - There was sun at least! Throughout the rest of the morning it was again windy, wet etc etc. But I wasnt going to let this spoil things, so a quick call to the guys to make sure they were still up for it and before you knew it, I was in the car and driving through the Suffolk countryside..

It's great when my Clients have specific places that they come to me wanting to use for their Engagement Shoots - For Andrew & Theo, they often enjoy taking long walks around the beautiful setting around where they live, so we agreed we would walk the route and capture some images.

We had a great time with the images, using both natural and urban backdrops and the guys were loving it! They said it was so much more fun than they expected. It was obvious that Andrew and Theo are just perfect for each other and so comfortable with each other in front of the camera, it was a real priviledge to capture this first step towards their Civil Partnership. I cant wait for their special day in June this year at Le Talbooth in Dedham.