Confessions of an expectant father...


So here goes...As many of you guys know, Tanja and I will be expecting our first child in May this year. A privilege in so many ways, I can't even begin to put that into words. But with all the overwhelming joy, planning, visits to the hospital and buying all sorts of stuff I didn't even know existed (!) there are many questions that keep going over in the nappy-storing, pram-choosing, baby monitor-researching head of mine:

'Will I be OK as a dad? Will I be able to look after another human being and bring them up in the right way? Will I be able to give them everything I need and support my new family in the way it deserves?'

In and amongst a spot of 'new year office cleaning', I notice a stack of my photography books as I sit here writing this, which are now neighbours to my newly acquired array of parenting books, baby store catalogues and pregnancy class booklets. 'I guess I'm doing the right things' I utter under my breath.

As I finish off this post, Tanja comes in and reads over my shoulder. She gives a smile and kisses me on the head and says 'of course you will'...Thats all the confirmation I need. RD