Newborn Baby Portraits: Meet Ashton


It's such an honour when you are asked to capture the first set of professional images of a child, but it's truly overwhelming when the family are close friends too.

I had the privilege of visiting parents Carl & Leanne recently to do just this for their newborn son Ashton. I had set eyes on Ashton probably once before the session, which was when the guys were still in the hospital and I couldnt believe how much he'd changed. I love this time, as everyday you seem to be able to capture small glimpses of mum and dad as the little one seems to constantly change.

The shoot was taken at their home in Ipswich, Suffolk and I used all natural light. This is my preference in general, but especially when it comes to little ones and I believe it doesn't freak them out as much as strobes or studio lights and in my opinion, you get more natural results.

Using Ashton's natural surroundings, his own blankets and toys, we got a great set which both I, and most importantly mum and dad, were very happy with.

My favourite shot what the one with the little beanie hat. He looked so cool in it!

Anyways, heres a few images from the session. If you would like to know more about my newborn portrait experiences, please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you. RD