Proud : Approved Vendor For 'So Your Engaged', The U.S Gay Wedding Blog


I got the mail today to confirm that RDP has been approved as an official vendor by the brilliant So Your Engaged wedding blog over in the U.S. I must say it's a real honour to be associated with these guys, as they provide an awesome resource for LGBT couples when planning their big day.

To make things even more awesome, I'm actually the first UK wedding photographer to become approved by the guys over at SYE.

To be listed as an approved vendor, you must comply with some rules that the guys have laid down. This ensures that their associated vendors comply with the blog's ethos and vision. They describe it best on the site:

It takes a lot to become a vendor on our list. After applying, we visit their site and see if they use 100% gender-neutral language. We check out their online reviews (which they MUST have on a 3rd-party site!) to make sure they have above a 4-star review. In their application they indicate if they believe marriage is a civil right and what other ways they are LGBT-friendly.

Once a vendor is approved, we create

 their profile, indicating whether or not they’ve worked with same-sex weddings before, whether the business is LGBT-owned, and listing out all the ways you can find them on the web (review sites, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc.). We want to make sure our vendor listings provide exactly what information YOU are looking for in your search!

By the end of this year, we will go through the entire list again to make sure that all of the vendors are not using heteronormative language, and that they have reviews on 3rd-party websites (we created this list before we had those requirements, so there may still be some vendors up who don’t meet them). But it’s our goal to make sure that we provide the most helpful, inclusive, and LGBT-friendly list of wedding vendors on the web!

- Courtesy of So Your Engaged.

Providing great photography and service is something I'm really passionate about and I absolutely love photographing same sex weddings. You know, when I've spoken to past Clients they've often said that it can be difficult finding a photographer as many do not have LGBT wedding images on their website or marketing material and sometimes they feel embarrassed when approaching photographers and often feel awkward. This should not be the case and I'm doing all that I can to makes things that little bit easier.

If you'd like to have a chat over a coffee about my services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. RD