Spotlight On…‘Demystifying Boudoir Photography’ by Tracey Hill of 'Simply Boudoir Photography'


Every now and then, I’ll be hand-picking some of my most awesome friends in the business (who come 100% recommended) and asking them to give you glimpse into what they do and more importantly offering you guys some really helpful and interesting information which will no doubt be so useful.

I’m really excited today to introduce you to my friend Tracey Hill of of Simply Boudoir Photography. Tracey is an awesome boudoir photographer, based in Essex, UK,

I have followed Tracey's work for quite a while and I absolutely love the elegance of her work. This is exquisitely complimented with soft colour tones and beautiful lighting that makes for sexy, yet tasteful photography. She certainly is the first choice for this kind of Art in the area and I'm sure that she'll explode in 2011.


Introducing Simply Boudoir Photography...

So many women have the wrong impression of boudoir photography.

Simply Boudoir Photography is about celebrating who you are at your most sexiest. It is tasteful, intimate and artistic with beautiful lighting.

I can hear you say now "but i'm plus size, I have stretch marks, I have spots, so I cannot do it", STOP RIGHT THERE!

All women have hang ups, none of us are perfect that is why we admire all those perfect sized, air brushed women in the magazines with their beautiful figures (who also by the way have hang-ups because they are not perfect either).

With Simply Boudoir I will guide you through poses which are selected individually for your body shape and size to look and make you feel your best. We'll have lots of fun as I particularly like the sessions to be happy and relaxed and I will give you lots of great tips throughout on what to wear for the session so you look and feel great. And whats more you will have a lasting reminder to treasure for years to come.

All my images are fully edited and photographed exclusively by me. A make up and hair stylist is also available on request.

Lots of women choose to invest in a boudoir session for their loved one as a wedding present, gift or even for themselves and find afterwards that it was one of the most rewarding things they have ever done for their own self confidence, leaving them feeling more confident and sexier than ever.

Without exception, the women who have had a session with me say they love their images and always go away saying how fun and liberating it was.

My goal is to show you just how beautiful and sensual you are.

If you would like to know more about my services or to book a session, please contact me via my website. I look forward to working with you x

Tracey Hill

Simply Boudoir Photography