Groom Inspiration / Groom Prep Tattoo Portraits

Tattoos help to tell your story.  You carefully thought through their significance and then entrusted your favourite body artist to design and craft your masterpiece. They are your pride and joy and the sentiment is shared with many modern Bride and Grooms.

So what better way to celebrate their beauty and significance than incorporating the artwork within your wedding album.  After all, your portraits wouldn't be of you without them.

For a lot of guys, the thought of including the Groom preparations in their wedding photography coverage can be a little daunting.  When I speak to many grooms-to-be, the general concern is that they will be made uncomfortable by being put in cheesey poses that do not really represent who they truly are as individuals.

If you are passionate about the tattoo art you have invested a lot of time and effort in, I really love to bring this into my time with the groom as we capture his wedding preparations.  The sequence of photographs below shows what we could achieve together, creating our own art, as we celebrate you and your passions that will be safely secured in beautiful photography for many, many years to come.