The Wedding Industry Experts Awards 2016 // Wedding Photographer Entry



Last year, I had the honour of receiving two titles in The Wedding Industry Experts Awards including "Most Popular Photographer in Suffolk" & "Most Popular Photographer in Ipswich".

The Wedding Industry Experts Awards were started in 2012 and are now the largest popular choice awards for Wedding Professionals & Businesses worldwide. Entrants compete for city, state, country and international levels. Most votes in a category & location wins.
— The Wedding Industry Expert Awards 2016

The great thing for me about these particular awards is that the votes come directly with both past clients as well as fellow professionals, and so it was really lovely to come away with something last year.

As another year rolls around, the awards are now in full swing again and I am again part of the awards proceedings.  


If you're a past wedding client or a fellow wedding professional and enjoy the work that I do, votes can be placed by clicking the link here and placing your vote using your Facebook account. Voting is open until Thursday 28th April 2016.

Thank you to everyone that has voted for me so far, it really means a lot and I'm so very grateful.