What happens if it rains on the day of our family portrait session?

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Suffolk Family Portrait Photography

Ah, the great British weather. When it’s on our side it is gorgeous and beautiful, but as you know, we aren’t always blessed with it being quite like this, especially in those non-summer months.

And when it comes to planning your portrait session a question that sometimes comes up is: 

What happens if it rains on the day of our family portrait session?

It’s a great question. With every portrait session, I will monitor the forecast in the week leading up to the session and usually around the day before the session I will take that forecast as the most likely for the chosen location .

If it looks like the weather is going to be considerably wet, windy or stormy at the time scheduled, I will get in touch to discuss this with you and allow you to decide if you would like to still go ahead or reschedule.

There is never any blanket decision as every family is different and depending on who will be involved, this can often dictate our next steps, especially if there are any special requirements with very young children, pets etc.

At the end of the day I just want everyone involved to be as comfortable as possible and so talking this through, at this time, allows us to do just this. 

I always stress though that this process will only apply where considerably bad weather is forecast. If it just looks a little cloudy, a little breezy or a little damp, we will always progress with our plans.  Where needed we can just adapt our clothing, bring along our brollies and wellies and still have a super fun session.

In these circumstances, I recommend that the family just embrace the weather and run with it, as usually slight weather changes are fleeting and often do not take up all of our session time.

There may well also be some areas of the chosen location which are undercover and so these can be used too.

So I hope that helps in explaining what happens when the weather is not on our side, on the day of your session.  So if this is the case for you, let’s keep in touch and make the best decision for your family. After all, there’s always another day.


P.S - If you have any questions, anything at all, that you'd love to ask me about family portrait sessions in general, please do reach out to me via the website, here.