What happens at a wedding photography consultation?


Suffolk Wedding Photography

Whilst planning your wedding in Suffolk you'll no doubt be spending a lot of time online, researching local wedding suppliers that resonate with you and your aspirations for your wedding day.  And once you have compiled a list of those wedding suppliers, you'll be looking to reach out to them to check their availability and to discuss your plans.

When it comes to wedding photography, your photographer will have their own way of discussing their services with you.  Whilst some may choose to chat with you on the phone, or maybe via Skype, many photographers will actually invite you to chat in person, at a location and time convenient to you both.

And this is exactly the service I offer my clients.  Usually, couples will start the ball rolling by getting in touch via phone or email, sharing both their wedding date and location as part of their enquiry. Once I have confirmed that I am available, I will then invite the couple over for coffee, at my space in Ipswich, at a convenient time.

The purpose of my wedding consultations is to:

1. Allow us to discuss the clients wedding plans to date, in detail.

2. Allow me to share how I work in the run-up to, on the day and after the wedding.

3. Allow my clients to look over sample wedding albums of full weddings and other available products.

4. Allow me to walk clients over my pricing menu and answer any other questions they have at the time.

It is then important to me that my clients have a chance to digest all the information and chat between themselves, in order to make an informed decision and so there is never any pressure to make a booking at the consultation unless the clients instruct this.

On leaving the consultation my clients are then sent away with both a copy of my product and pricing menu, as well as further information on how they can secure their booking.  As I cannot hold a wedding date until a signed booking form/contract and wedding day retainer fee has been received, most clients then confirm their booking within 7 days in order to secure my services.

I hope that this short guide has been an insight into how my wedding consultations are run and I look forward to maybe discussing your own wedding in the near future.


P.S - If you'd like to schedule your very own wedding photography consultation, I'd love to hear from you.  Please feel free to get in touch via the website.