What happens at a family portrait viewing & ordering session?


Suffolk Family Portrait Photography

Depending on which family photographer you choose for your portrait session in Suffolk, you'll be invited to view your photographs after the session in one of two ways. 

Either via an online gallery, shared by your photographer, where you can view your photos in your own time and then choose your desired products on your own, or via an in-person appointment where you will meet face to face with your photographer and will be personally guided through the selection and design of your chosen art pieces.

So I would like to talk about the latter today, which is all part of the service I offer my own clients.  You see, I truly believe in giving a real end-to-end professional service and so a private viewing and ordering session at my space in Ipswich, is the perfect finale to your family's portrait experience.

The purpose of my viewing and ordering sessions is to catch up with my clients after their portrait session and be their personal guide, as they view their photographs for the very first time, and after selecting those photographs that resonate the most, we will together, design beautiful heirloom products for their home.

So to break all this down, I'd love to take you through the finer details. 

On arrival, we will have the chance catch up over your favourite coffee before we head over to the viewing area where you will view your photographs for the very first time.  Your photographs will be presented via an emotive slideshow, set to music, which gives a real cinematic experience.

Once you have viewed your photography, we will go through each photograph separately in tern, in order to identify and select those that resonate most with you and your family. 

Taking this new selection of photographs which you particularly love, as our inspiration, we will chat about how you would love to use them in your home.  Whether it's a wall art collection, an heirloom album or a series of multiple products, you'll be able to touch and feel samples of each until you have decided on the products which will be the best fit for your needs.

This is where the fun really starts! Together, we will use my in-session studio software to design your chosen products, using your very own images, in real time.  This on-the-fly experience allows us to tweak, amend and adjust the designs until they are just perfect.  We can even use photographs from your own home (shared in advance) and presented on the big screen, in order to accurately size anything required for your walls.  Which gives a total piece of mind that you are making informed choices.

And there we have it! Your new family heirlooms have been personally designed.  When you are sure that we've got everything covered, your order is then settled and we're good to go.  I will then confirm your estimated delivery time for your new pieces before you leave.

I really hope this article has been helpful in sharing exactly what happens at my viewing and ordering sessions.  It's one of my favourite parts of the experience. 

I just love revealing new portraits to a family and it's always a real honour to play a small part in creating heirlooms that I know will be loved for many, many years to come.


P.S - To discuss your own family portrait session, why not get in touch today by sending me a message.