Why you should invest in more than just digital files from your family portrait session


Suffolk Family Photography

In the digital age, the way in which we use photographs has changed dramatically.  Every day, we find ourselves taking, sharing, downloading and posting photos without a thought.  It's our second nature.  And with this, the way in which professional photography is purchased has changed somewhat too.  With more and more photography studios over time, serving the public demand for the digital files of their photos, the landscape changed somewhat.

Investing in these digital products allowed the customer the freedom of owning the core images and giving them the opportunity to make their own prints for personal use, as well as uploading the photographs online, which allowed them to share with friends and families through the ever-growing social media networks.

Throughout this time though, and still today, tangible professional grade photographic products continue to be successfully sold at the forefront of studios across the world.  And the reason for this?

Well, I'm sure there are lots of thoughts around why beautifully made wall art and albums continue to be loved by families across the world, but for me, it's all about legacy and craftsmanship.

I've spoken about this many times before, but if you ask most people what they would grab and run out the door with if their house caught on fire. It would be their photographs.  Tangible photographs take us back to a particular moment in time with those people who we hold so dear.  Be it their wedding, their family portrait or a worn, faded polaroid, I think everyone right now could recall at least one tangible print or album that immediately comes to mind for them.

I truly believe that a Photographer should deliver a true end-to-end service whereby the image is captured and then preserved through beautifully design heirloom pieces.  Since the beginning of time, portraits have adorned the walls of the family home.  Be it in the form of painting or a photograph, each piece is unique and bespoke for the families involved, celebrating those they love the most.

Of course, the introduction of digital brought many advantages and I continue to offer digital files to the families I work with, but more often than not, they serve as a nice accompaniment to my heirloom wall art and albums and not in place of.  As you know, technology advances so far these days and the custom USB drives we deliver digital files on today, may well not be compatible with the devices of ten years time. 

So as you plan your next family portrait session, let's create something beautiful together to be enjoyed in your family home for many years to come. Sharing digital photos is an amazing advancement of our culture, but may well be fleeting. Print is forever.


P.S - If you would like to discuss a portrait session for your family, I'd love to hear from you.  You can find more information on my services here.