Headshot, PersonalBranding & Company Branding Experiences

Your Questions Answered


What is the difference between a headshot experiencE, a personal branding experience & A COMPANY BRANDING EXPERIENCE?

Great question! Let me explain.

The Headshot Experience is for individuals wanting simple, yet striking 'head & shoulders' style headshots of themselves, for either business, networking, social media or dating purposes.

The Personal Branding Experience is perfect for Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Speakers or Influencers who are serious about taking their own personal branding to the next level.  They want to create a striking, modern image bank of multiple editorial style lifestyle portraits, interactive shots showing them at work and detail shots for social media, which showcase their personality & business, allowing them to deliver an eye-catching, consistent message across all their marketing efforts. 

The Company Branding Experience is perfect for forward-thinking businesses with multiple team members, who wish to fully equip their website and marketing with a refresh of headshots, team photos, interactive portraits, detail shots and more. Allowing their business to stand ahead of their competitors with a professional, consistent branding message.


Why should i choose you for my headshots/branding PHOTOGRAPHY?

I pride myself in delivering a really personal experience, which doesn't just meet your expectations, but exceeds them.  Let me walk you through some things which really set me apart:

Time to plan - On booking, I love to share my online discovery questionnaire where you are able to share lots of information about your business and what you would really love to achieve from our time together.  Doing this upfront means that I can really get a sense of your brand's personality, before I take any photographs. If you’re in the area, you’re also most welcome to pop over to my space in Ipswich for a coffee and a chat.

Your Unique Brand - Your business is so different to everyone else's and so of course, your images should reflect this!  This is why I love to shoot on location.  My clients want to move away from the white and black studio backgrounds that everyone else uses and instead head to their work place, the beach, the park, their garden space - the possibilities are endless.  Your personal brand is unique so lets go to the places that make you uniquely you.

Commitment to Service - From the moment you book, to your shoot, to the delivery of your finished photographs, I am there for you every step of the way.  Making sure that you have the very best experience possible.  I am committed to providing you with not only great photography, but also the highest standard of client service.


How much does a session cost & WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE?

I believe in being totally upfront and transparent about cost, with no surprises. 

A Headshot experience costs just £225 for one person* and this is payable on booking your session. 

  • Your experience includes your 30min session at a single location and 6 different ‘ head & shoulder-style’ headshot digital files, delivered in high-resolution JPEG format.

    *Should you wish to arrange a headshot session for multiple team members, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

A Personal Branding Experience costs just £425 for one person and this is payable on booking your session. 

  • Your experience includes your 2hr session at a single location and approx. 30 different digital files delivered in high-resolution JPEG format.

A Company Branding Experience costs from just £495 and this is payable on booking your session.

  • Your experience includes either a Half day (3hrs) or Full day session (6hrs) to fully equip your company’s website and marketing with a refresh of headshots, team photos, interactive portraits, detail shots and more. Delivered within 14 business days. Please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.


I'm just looking for one image to use - is this something you can do?

To give you the best possible outcome, I capture many images during our time together and then select the best 6 (or more, depending on your investment).  In experience, it tends to be the photographs taken towards the end of the session which are the most pleasing, when you are most relaxed.


The headshot experience is perfect, but WE HAVE MULTIPLE TEAM MEMBERS, can we add more people?

Of course! To add additional people to a Headshot Experience, please get in touch and I can provide a bespoke quotation.


where will my shoot take place?

One of the benefits of my service is that I come to you.  It really makes sense to do this, especially if there are multiple people at your session.  This allows you to just set one time aside, for everyone involved.

I also have many clients who work from home, and in these circumstances I can just come to your home for the session, at a mutually convenient time.

Your session includes my travel of up to 10 miles from IP1. Further travel is possible at a charge of £0.45 per mile.



Definitely.  Many clients have a particular space in mind for their photos, to keep their marketing consistent and 'on brand'.  I am happy to discuss this further, on request.



It depends on what line of business you are in and what you would like your finished photographs to convey.  I recommend that you bring up to two changes of clothes for a Headshot Experience (wearing one on arrival and one to change into, mid-session) & up to three changes of clothes for a Personal Branding Experience.

A typical session would be a mixture of both 'formal & corporate' and 'casual & relaxed, with some colour and a little more 'you'. 

However, I cannot stress how important it is, that this is entirely up to you.  Some of my clients work day to day in much more casual attire and vice versa and so the session is focused on that particular look.

The main thing to think about is that your headshot should be recognisable as the person that a stranger would meet, say if they met you in person, at an event.


SHould i have my hair and makeup professionally done for the session?

You certainly can, if you wish.  Again, I just recommend that the stylist recreates the look you generally go for, day to day.  Just so the look isn't too far from your natural style.

For hair cuts, I generally recommend that you leave a few days between your hair cut and your headshot session, just to let your hair settle.



The Headshot Experience typically lasts around 30mins and The Personal Branding Experience has an extended session time, lasting around 2hrs.

When adding extra team members to your session, please allow more time, per person. This will be detailed in your bespoke quotation. 

When using a space within your workplace, please ensure that the space is clear and uncluttered.  This allows the session to be as efficient and effective as we can make it.



After your session I will review the images taken and select the very best 6 (or more, dependant on your choice of session and investment).

Your photographs will be professionally colour balanced and hand-finished and then delivered to you in high resolution JPEG digital file format, in order to have them ready for both print and online use. 

Your digital files  will be delivered to you within 7 business days (The Headshot Experience) or 14 business days (The Personal Branding Experience or Company Branding Experience) of your session, via a password protected online gallery which will be hosted for between 3 & 6 months (depending on your investment).  I just ask that you download your images before this time and safely back up to your own computer set up.



All photographs presented to you will be fully hand-finished using professional grade imaging software.  I will remove blemishes and other skin inconsistencies, unless you ask me not to.  However, it is really important to me that your photographs look like you and so I always keep things subtle, always presenting you best 'you'.



For every great shot there will be many blinks and 'in-between shot' type expressions.  As I provide a real end-to-end service, I only show want to show you the very best and so I do all that selection work for you and ask that you trust me to do just that.


I'm not keen on having my photograph taken!

First off, relax.  That's totally natural.  Many of us are not keen on having our photos taken and often feel awkward posing for photos.  Think of some times in the past when you've had your photo taken and not felt comfortable.  Maybe this was at a party or a family gathering, perhaps.  Photos taken at these types of events are usually unannounced and sprung on you at the last minute and so you haven't had time to relax and get yourself ready. Often leaving you flustered and not at your very best once the photo is taken.

The benefit of having a professional headshot or personal/company branding session is that we will chat about your requirements beforehand using my online discovery questionnaire, which then allows me to really tailor your session to you.  The session itself is really just us having a chat, while I take photos.  It is all very relaxed, fun and informal and once the first 10 minutes have passed, I just know that you'll be sighing with relief that the experience isn't as nerve-wracking as you thought it was going to be.



When you purchase your digital files, you will have the license to reproduce, share and publish them for your personal and business use (for your business only) across print, web, broadcast and social media.  You will have access to the high resolution files in JPEG format, ready for any physical printing you would like to do, as well as online.  The images will never be watermarked.


How do I book?

If by now, you have decided to go ahead and book your session, thats such great news!  All you need to do is get in touch  by clicking on the button below and I will do the rest. 

So don't put it off any longer! Get in touch today and let's start planning your session.  I'm really looking forward to meeting you.