Portrait Photography // Frequently Asked Questions


Booking your Portrait Experience

We would love you to shoot our portraits, but we are not in Ipswich, is this ok?

Of course!  I do shoot the majority of my portraits in the Ipswich area,  but I also photograph sessions throughout the East Anglian region and beyond.  My portrait experiences include 20miles car travel each way and so if you are a little further a field, additional travel is charged at 50p per mile and payable on booking.


We are not really sure where to run our portrait session, where do you suggest?

Your Portrait Experience can be run either on location or in your own home, where adequate space is available.

When it comes to a location shoot, maybe there is somewhere you love to go as a family on a weekend.  Is there is certain park you guys love to visit? Is there is beach that brings back particular memories as a family?  Whatever style you would like to opt for, I recommend that you have a conversation about possible locations before getting in touch, as this will speed up the process when it comes to booking you in.  Of course, if you would like some personal recommendations from me, please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to assist.

If you choose to run your session in your family home, we will use various locations within the home/garden to give you a great selection of photographs, dependant on natural light and composition.  With this in mind, if you are not sure if the rooms in your home would be suitable due to light or space, please get in touch before your booking and I will advise accordingly.  As my portrait style lends itself to an natural, editorial look, there will be no backdrops or studio lights to accommodate, leaving us to make the best use of your home interior.  


How much is a Portrait Experience session?

Portrait Experiences are priced at £100 for the session and include:

  • Your planning consultation Where I will take you on a journey & customise your photographic shoot to reflect you & your personality.
  • Your 1hr personal photographic shoot that captures the essence of you & the people you love the most.
  • Your Viewing & Ordering Session, where I will assist you in the selection & customisation of your artwork that will bring life to your home.


Are any products included in our Portrait Experience Session?

I always recommend that you select and purchase your perfect photographic artwork, after you have seen your photography.  With this in mind, your session fee covers your session only (detailed above) and a selection of beautiful photographic products will be available to you at your Viewing & Ordering session, after your shoot.  It is at this time you can select and invest in the perfect choices for your home.


I have a Gift Certificate to redeem and so I think that I also have some product credit included alongside my session, is this correct?

Yes, If you have purchased or have been gifted a gift certificate, some product credit may be included and so please refer to the enclosed documentation that came with your gift certificate, for full details.



During Your Portrait Session

How long does a portrait session last?

Great question! Your Portrait Experience will usually last for just over an hour, although I always recommend that clients schedule a two hour period in their own diary, just in case the flow of the session means that we go on a little longer.

If you have booked a location session, I also recommend arriving for your session a touch early, just to take the opportunity to enjoy a few moments of relaxation before we begin.


What do you suggest we wear at our portrait session?

My goal when it comes the creating portraits for your family is for the photographs to represent the "real you".  For that reason I choose not to tell you what to wear and so simply offer the following simple tips, that from experience, lend itself to great portraits:

- I recommend that you do not wear clothing with logos or heavy patterns as this draws the eyes away from the subjects in the portraits.  It also tends to date the photographs quicker.

- I recommend that you choose hair and makeup styles that you are comfortable with and regularly opt for, dependant on the location.  Again, I want you to be comfortable and for the photographs to be of the "real you".

- If you wear glasses regularly, you may wish wear them for your session as we want you to look like you would do normally. Don’t worry about shine or glare, as I know how to look for these things and photograph accordingly.

- I recommend one wardrobe choice (the clothing that you arrive in).  This allows us to make the most of our time together at the session.


Is there anything else you suggest bringing along to our portrait session?

For portrait sessions held in the home and which include babies and young children, I recommend having a good supply of spare clothes, favourite blankets and toys close by to include in the session, where necessary.

For sessions on location, I recommend that you pack appropriately for the time of year and for who will be in attendance and so recommend that you bring coats, snacks and refreshments to be on hand where needed.  I also always recommend bringing along a blanket with a colour/design that would look great in your photographs, so we can make you completely comfortable should we need to have you sitting on grass, sand or other surfaces for your portraits.

I also recommend having your hands free throughout the session and so advise that you only bring the necessities on the day.  Any coats, mobile phones, purses, drinks, or anything else can be carried in a secure bag that can be left safely, just to the side of where we are shooting at any given time.


We're a little concerned what will happen if it rains on the day of our location portrait session?

Preparation is key and so if the day beforehand, the forecast is looking decidedly wet or windy, I will get in touch to discuss our options and take it from there.  Especially disruptive weather will be the only factor that will trigger this communication and so we will still run the session in lightly chilly, windy or lightly drizzly forecasts.


After Your Portrait Session

When will our photographs be ready after the portrait session?

After your session we will schedule a convenient date and time for your Viewing & Ordering Session at my space in Ipswich (full address at the bottom of this page).  It is at this session that you will see your photographs for the very first time. 


What exactly is a Viewing & Ordering Session and can we view our photographs in an online gallery instead of coming in for the session?

Your one time viewing & ordering session is the time to view your photographs for the very first time, via an amazing cinematic presentation.  After this, I will personally be on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect products for your home and then guide you through the design process until we create your perfect art pieces.  As Ross Dean Photography is dedicated to creating beautiful wall art and presentation products, this end-to-end personal approach is really valuable to my clients in allowing them to make informed decisions on their purchases and allows us to send your orders off straight away, after the session.  With this in mind, an online gallery in order to view photographs for the first time, is not offered available to clients.


Who should come along to the Viewing & Ordering Session?

I recommend that all decision makers from the shoot come along to the Viewing & Ordering session and that children are looked after at home by a friend or family member.  This just enables the adults to enjoy the session, without having to tend to the children and enables us to run the session as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

How many photographs will you present to us at the ordering session?

For a usual Portrait Experience session, a selection of around 20-30 photographs will be presented to you at your Viewing & Ordering Session.


Can I just purchase the digital files from the session, as I would love to make my own prints.  Is this possible?

I am really passionate about creating beautiful heirloom wall art and presentation pieces that will be enjoyed by families for many years to come.  I believe that photography is meant to be printed and so to offer just the digital files to my clients, I feel, would not be giving the level of service that I pride myself on and so this is why I do not offer this service.

In many cases where families solely purchase the digital files, they often remain somewhere on a computer for many years, never being printed or ever enjoyed.

That being said, I want to give you the flexibility that digital files bring after you have made your product purchases and so with this in mind, every wall art piece or presentation product I offer (excluding gift prints) comes with a high resolution digital file download of each photograph purchased, allowing you to reprint and share for your own personal use.

For example:

- Purchase a gorgeous 30x20 metal wall art piece and receive the digital download of that chosen photograph to print and share as you wish.

- Purchase a beautiful, bespoke coffee table album and receive the digital downloads of all the photographs in that                             album.


How can I pay for my new Artwork?

Payment will be taken at the end of your Viewing & Ordering Session and can be made by either debit or credit card.



I hope this FAQ page has answered some of the questions you may have at this time.  Should you have any further questions about any aspect of my portrait experiences, please get in touch.