Suffolk Wedding Photography // FAQ


The Consultation & Booking

We have looked over the website and would love to meet with you to talk about our wedding photography.  What do we need to do?

That's great news! I invite you to get in touch via the contact page, where you can share some information about your wedding day.  Within 24 business hours, I will be back in touch to confirm my availability.  If I am currently available for your wedding date, I will include some helpful information about my services and send you a link to my diary, where you can select a mutually convenient time for your consultation.


Where will the consultation take place and what will happen during the appointment?

All my wedding consultations take place at my space in Ipswich (full address at the bottom of this page).  It is at this appointment that you can share more details around your plans to date, look over sample albums and ask any questions you may have.  I will also share more info around how I work during our time together and will personally walk you through my pricing menu.  No decisions have to be made at the session itself and I will confirm all the important details in an email after the consultation.  This way, you can chat over the options once at home, before you make any decisions.  You should allow around 1.5 hours for your appointment.


We loved coming in for our consultation and would love to make a booking.  What do we need to do?

On receiving my follow up email, further to your consultation, I invite you to confirm by return email that you would like to progress with a booking and I will then proceed in creating your contract and booking form.  All documentation is sent over to you electronically, allowing you to review in your own time and once ready, electroncially sign.  It is at this time you will also be asked to make your booking retainer fee (your balance is then due one month before your wedding day).  With these two actions complete, your wedding date is now secured.


Are you able to 'pencil us in' or hold our wedding date for us, in advance?

At the time of enquiry, I will confirm whether I am available on your wedding day, but this does not hold the date for you.  In order for a date to be secured, a signed contract/booking form and a booking retainer fee are required.  Wedding bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis, for those clients wanting to go ahead and place their booking.


Before your wedding

Is there anything we need to do/tell you from the time we book, to our wedding day?

Great question!  There will indeed be touch points throughout our time together, but I will be in touch at the appropriate times, when required.  Of course, if you think of anything or have any questions throughout our time together I'd love you to get in touch and I'll do my best to assist.


When will we need to schedule in our Engagement Session?

You will be contacted well in advance to schedule your engagement session, which we would usually look to book in for no later than 2 months before your wedding day.  Of course, if there is a specific time you would love to run the session, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss further.


What will happen at our Engagement Session and how do we view the photographs?

On confirming your engagement session booking, I will also send over details  of how to best prepare for your session.  Your engagement session photographs will be shared with you within 7 business days of your session, via online gallery.  It is here that you can view your photographs from your sessions and purchase products directly.


We now have more exact timings and and other wedding details to share, how should we do this?

Around 1.5mths from your wedding day, I will share your pre-wedding questionnaire.  This online document can be accessed at any time and is where you can feedback all the further info regarding your wedding day, that perhaps wasnt in place at the time of booking.  Once sent through to me, I will then create a first draft of your wedding photography timeline.  This timelime, although not set in stone (as times often shift a little, on a wedding day) allows us to have something in place, for which to work from on the wedding day.  It will cover all the aspects of our time together, during your wedding day.  From timings, to any key group shots you would like me to capture, it enables you to know what to expect from me on the day, and vice versa.


After your wedding

When can we expect to see our wedding photography?

Your wedding photos will be available for you to view, within 14 business days of your wedding day.  I will share your photographs via a password protected online gallery, where you can start to relive your big day and share your photographs with your loved ones.  This space online also has a shopping cart facility where friends and family can directly purchase gift prints of their most-loved shots. I will then leave you with your gallery for around two weeks.  This allows you to get familiar with your wedding photography and start to identify the photographs you really love the most, before we schedule your Album Design Session.


Tell me about the Album Design Session?

Once you have been enjoying your online gallery for around 2 weeks, I'll be in touch to arrange your Album Design Session. Before this session, I will have pre-designed your wedding album, based on how I saw the day unfold.  At the session I will premiere the first draft of your album on the big screen and then, together, we will refine the design, in real time, until we create your perfect wedding album.  It is at this time, that you have the option of purchasing further pages for your design, if your ideal album requires it.  Then, its on to choosing your album cover options and we're good to go!  Once you have settled any further purchases, your album will then be sent to be hand-made by my expert partners.  Once your album/products are back with me (usually from 4-6weeks of ordering), I'll be back in touch to arrange collection/delivery.


Other frequently asked questions

We would love you to shoot our wedding, but we are not in Suffolk, is this ok?

Of course!  I do shoot the majority of my weddings in Suffolk,  but i also photograph weddings throughout East Anglia and beyond. For those weddings a little further afield, please do get in touch and we can discuss this in more detail.


We are not really sure how long we need a wedding photographer for on our wedding day, what do you suggest?

Talking to my clients, it is often tricky to know how long you will need a wedding photographer in attendance for, at the time of booking.  When faced with options of 4, 6 or 8 hours, it's tricky to know what that will actually mean when it comes to the wedding day.  With this in mind, my wedding collections include different levels of coverage which are based key events during the wedding day.  So for example, most of my clients choose to book their coverage "from bridal prep, through to first dance".  This means that closer to the day, when we create your wedding photography timeline together, whatever time these events fall on, you can rest assured they are covered.


We're not sure what kind of wedding album we would like. Other photographers we have seen have lots of different options and its a little overwhelming. where do we start?

I totally understand, there are a ton of different options out there.  I really strive to make the whole process as simple and as well informed as I can for my couples, which is why I have taken the liberty of doing the hard work for you. I have researched lots of different options and from obtaining feedback from past clients,  I offer two choices of album that are comtemorary, yet timeless and have been the perfect choice for my clients. On attending your consultation, I will guide you through the options available, in order to select the perfect album for you.


We're a little concerned what will happen if it rains on the wedding day, can we still get great photos?

Of course! preparation is key and so before the wedding we'll work together to draw up your wedding photography timleline for the big day.  Amongst other key information, we'll talk about  a 'plan b' just in case the weather isn't on our side on the day, during such events as group photos and your couples portraits. The great thing about the majority of wedding venues today is that they often have gorgeous locations both in and outdoors, so if need be we can just head inside and still capture great images.


We've heard stories about photographers letting down clients at the last minute, leaving them without a photographer. what would happen if you were unable to shoot our wedding for any reason?

It pains me to hear those stories too and unfortunately most of the time it comes down to the business not having a proper contingency process in place. I continually make an effort to network and spend time with as many of my peers in the industry as i can and these relationships enable us to be on hand if ever we need someone to step in for us.  In the extreme circumstance that I was, for any reason, unable to shoot your wedding I would ensure that another photographer, of a similar  photographic style and professional standard as myself would be available to shoot your wedding, fully prepped with everything we had previously discussed, to ensure your day continues to run smoothly.


I hope that these FAQs have shared some helpful information about my services.  If you happen to have a question, not listed here, I'd love to hear from you, just get in touch.